Global IT Innovation Award - 2016

Winner of Global IT Innovation Award - 2016 by World Safety Forum

Advisor of CIO ACADEMY 2016

"Advisor of CIO ACADEMY ASIA Advisory Board"

CIO ACADEMY ASIA is based on the concept of “Empowering Future Tech Leaders”

Advisory Member of http://cioacademyasia.org
CIO Academy Asia enables IT management gain relevant insights they need to excel and advance in their careers. The institute is a platform where seasoned CIOs and senior IT management executives impart their practical knowledge to guide learners on how they have navigated through complex issues and challenges within their industry. The learning is made relevant with experienced practitioners giving their views on real-life industry collaborations. Their sharing and connections are invaluable, and can potentially help those who attend succeed in a fast changing business world driven by technology advancements.

"The Digital CIO" Award - 2016

The Digital CIO Award - 2016 honored by Cyber Media India Ltd

Honored with "The Digital CIO" Award, for Leading the Business Change.

The Dataquest Business Technology Awards, instituted by Dataquest, India’s premier IT Magazine, recognizes the excellence in the implementation and use of technology for business benefits by Indian companies.

Nomintaed NetApp Entierprise Mobilty Award 2016

NetApp - Nominated for the award category of Entierprise Mobilty Award

The NetApp Innovation Awards recognize the companies and the people that are aggressively and innovatively leveraging technology to make IT dramatically more proactive, productive, and essential to creating business value. These organizations and individuals think differently about what is required to compete in the future, and they rely on the latest IT solutions to fulfill their visions. Award recipients are honored across various categories for achieving positive and impactful business results using IT and embodying the NetApp "can do" spirit.

KHM Award 2015

KHM Award - 2015 for CSR honored by Kochi Health Mission

Kochi Health Mission Award for my contribution to IT Industry, especially to Social Service related Projects. This award have been honored by considering the social responsible initiative for automation process of Blood Bank formation using different technologies/ platforms like social media etc.

Certificate of Achievement - 2015

Certificate of Achievement honored by IT NEXT

Certificate of Achievement, presented by IT NEXT in November 2014 for reaching the highest level of IT Leadership in the organization. This selection is done from the selected members who have received CIO Award in last 5 years.

EDGE Award 2014

EDGE - (Enterprises Driving Growth and Excellence (using IT))-2014 honored by Information Week

Enterprises Driving Growth and Excellence (using IT) is an initiative by Information Week to identify, recognize and honor end-user companies in India that have demonstrated the best use of technology to solve a business problem, improve business competitiveness, and deliver quantifiable ROI to stake holders. The nominations were for projects from IT heads of user organizations. Our projects were shortlisted from different major corporate s across India. Our projects will also be featured in the September issue of Information Week (India). As one of the EDGE award winners, I received an award, in the presence of some prominent people from the CIO community and the elite of the Indian IT industry. Award Ceremony was held at INTEROP Mumbai [September,4th and 5th]Our organization is now recognized as one of the leading names when it comes to innovative enterprise IT usage

DO Big Symposium 2014

DO Big Symposium 2014 by The DO Big Symposium

Theme: Harnessing the power of Social, Mobile and IoT for Business Transformation Social, Mobile and IoT (SMI) has opened up a whole lot of opportunities for businesses to innovate, reach out to customers faster and scale up through innovative means. SMI represents dramatically new value propositions and opportunities for innovation to businesses.This panel discussion hosted by Dataquest as the knowledge partner and Tata Docomo would discuss how businesses can leverage the phenomenon of SMI to not only transform and innovate in their respective industries but also to lead the creation of many converged industries. SMI has become mainstream as it has secured its place as an important tool for communication, transportation, business continuity, innovation, marketing, and customer service. While the adoption has begun to transform businesses, the adoption is bringing out new ways to do business and scale up. The panel discussion will highlight the "how-to" aspect of embracing SMI convergence: 1. How SMI technologies are converging to create revolutionary value across industries 2. How organizations are becoming more agile by deploying SMI 3. How SMI will change the way enterprises engage with their customers 4. How to make a strong ROI and business case for deploying SMI

5. Are there any use SMI cases in India

Additional questions 6.How to identify and handle SMI deployment challenges 7. How to choose the right partners for the SMI journey

Future CIO Award - 2013

Future CIO Award- 2013 by IT NEXT100 India

NEXT100 is an annual awards program instituted by IT NEXT magazine that aims to identify 100 experienced IT managers who have the skills, talent and spirit to become CIOs. The awards process invites aspirants to self-nominate themselves for consideration and qualification for the award.

All NEXT100 award applicants participate in an extensive series of activities that tests their techno-commercial, management and leadership skills. The final selection and nomination of the NEXT100 award recipients is made by a prestigious committee of technology and business leaders (the NEXT100 jury) who evaluate applicants on career accomplishments, professional expertise, skills and potential to be a CIO.